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I am not allowed by the Advertising Standards Authority to imply that homeopathic treatment can help any specific medical conditions. I would like to make it clear that these statements are not meant to imply that a particular homeopathic remedy can cure a specific medical condition.  This is not how I believe that homeopathy works.  You may however note from these unedited comments that people who have been diagnosed with a wide range of medical conditions have reported that they have experienced an apparent benefit from homeopathy.

Cass Associates
At Cass Associates we employ around fifteen people. All of our staff do important jobs. Staff absence through illness is an unpleasant experience for the person concerned, and expensive for the business. The majority of such absences are due to complaints such as headaches, migraines, throat and sinus problems, and stomach complaints, linked to tiredness and lack of energy. In almost all of these cases, a visit to the doctor leads to no clear diagnosis beyond the general 'viral problem'. Painkillers, antibiotics and the rest are prescribed, sometimes accompanied by blood tests which are usually inconclusive. The person suffers, the business suffers. In my experience such symptoms are usually linked to stress, diet or environment, which are difficult or impossible for a GP to diagnose in a short consultation. By contrast, a good homeopath will have the time, knowledge and understanding to identify what is wrong and prescribe an appropriate remedy. Hilary Hampel has helped on numerous occasions to deal with chronic and debilitating illnesses. People are healthier, and able to make a full contribution to the success of the business.

Paul Sawtell, Company Manager 2008-2012, (Everyman Playhouse Theatres)
I became aware of Hilary's practice when attempting to find a solution for an ailing actor who was performing the lead in a rock musical at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre. He was suffering from a bad throat infection and felt unable to perform without some assistance. The usual advice of 'rest' could not be applied due to his commitment to the show. Through a series of consultations, the actor, who was unable to be released from rehearsal commitments, was delighted to receive excellent advice and practical solutions from Hilary who provided effective and specific treatment that enabled him to carry on in his demanding role. I could not have wished to find a more enthusiastic, practically-minded or understanding person to deal with my untimely dilemma and would recommend her practice to anyone in a similar position.

I first met Hilary Hampel, Homoeopath, in the early 1990’s. I was immediately impressed with her warm, friendly and welcoming manner. At the time I met her I had been very unwell for some time, with a mixture of emotional issues, and some very severe, acute and chronic digestive disorders. Hilary proved to be a very sympathetic and a very attentive listener. She asked me a range of interesting and challenging questions about my personal history, my full range of symptoms, my lifestyle and diet before researching the remedies that I needed. At no stage during this very lengthy first interview did I feel threatened. I was impressed with her diagnostic skills. She gave me remedies which made an immediate impact on my life, both in the short and long term.

From time to time since then I have sought further assistance from Hilary in the 20+ years since I first met her. Her enthusiasm for her work, her caring nature, her perceptive qualities have never diminished. Her knowledge of homoeopathy seems to have grown enormously and it is obvious that she cares about her own continuing development. I remain confident of her knowledge, experience, and professionalism. Over the years Hilary has prescribed a series of remedies for me covering a range of various illnesses. It has proved the norm that Hilary has undertaken much research in her prescriptions. Her skills have helped me cope with some very difficult times.

She has helped me through periods of stress, anxiety and even depression, and she has helped me to cope with a wide range of severe digestive ailments, related to my personality, history, lifestyle, and psychological make up. Hilary has been able to tailor her remedies for me in such a way that I have been able to recover from traumatic times in my life. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hilary to all my friends, family and acquaintances.

I have been receiving homeopathic treatment with Hilary, on and off, for over 20 years. In that time I have been to see an ordinary doctor only once. Homeopathy gives me the peace of mind of knowing that there are no side affects to cause future complications. It is also important for me to know that my treatment is working on many levels not just the physical. What I love about the way Hilary practises homeopathy is in her genuine love and fascination with the process and the remedies. Hilary is openminded, non-judgemental, curious and takes into consideration the mental, emotional and even spiritual aspects of whatever may be ailing me at the time. I feel that over the past 20 years homeopathy has kept my children and myself from developing more serious illnesses. I believe this is because homeopathy and its practitioners focus on health rather than just attacking disease.

I first consulted Hilary in March 1993 and having been having homeopathic treatment with her since then, in addition to visiting my GP when needed - which is very rarely! Hilary has always treated me with great courtesy. She has over the years got to know my personality and how my psyche works. I am 75 years of age and as fit as a flea. I walk, swim and enjoy life. I rarely suffer from coughs, colds and all the run of the mill ailments all my friends have and that I believe is because of the accuracy of Hilary’s treatments. I visit her twice a year.

I suffered with adult acne for 5 years and had just about tried every lotion and potion you could imagine and I was not getting anywhere. Within a 6 month period my acne had disappeared and my confidence soared. I also suffer with sporadic sciatica and have done so for as long as I can remember. I had been prescribed strong painkillers which had awful side effects and as a result I would hold off taking them and putting up with the excruciating pain, but thanks to Hilary my "magic tablets" take effect within 15 minutes and I can feel the pain drain out of my body. It has totally transformed my life. I now turn to Hilary before consulting my GP or rushing to the pharmacy.

Sceptical but intrigued I went to see Hilary in 2001. Coming from a very scientific background I wanted to find out more about the treatment that had cured my sister of Glandular Fever. I had watched her blossom from a sickly young girl into a shining, beautiful woman. Little did I know I was about to embark on a journey that not only healed my acne, painful periods and depression but changed the way I looked at my life and how I see health. Hilary inspired and empowered me, coming from a place of love and compassion.

I have been using homeopathic remedies with great success since 1994. Originally rather sceptical of a system of medicine that seemed very simple, I agreed to my husband taking our four year old daughter to see Hilary Hampel in an attempt to cure her of a persistent cough and chest infection which had culminated in a week long stay in hospital. We duly gave her the two small tablets and thought nothing of it. After a week I realised that my daughter no longer had a cough and the chestiness that had prevailed for the last four months had disappeared. I wasn't immediately converted, but when Rebecca began to positively thrive and glow with health I began to warm to homeopathy and realised that it did work. Since that time I have attended a few evening classes and read some books to better acquaint myself with a system that had brought such a dramatic positive change to my child's health. I have successfully been able to treat the usual winter coughs and colds with homeopathy as well as eye infections, wasp stings, measles, earaches and bumps and bruises that have befallen my children. I managed to deliver my third child without the use of any drugs, just a homeopathic remedy, and Hilary has successfully treated my second child's awkward behaviour, my own skin rash, and my son's constipation. 

I had known about Hilary’s success as a homeopathic practitioner for several years as one of my good friends had been treated in the past for several ailments. However, it is only in the last year that I have seen firsthand what a caring and successful healer she is. 
Last year I suffered a recurrence of depression and severe anxiety, which is something from which I have suffered on and off for years. Whenever I would go through a bad patch I also suffered with the attendant problems of thrush and self harm. In the past I have had more conventional treatments – both physical and psychological, however, this time I felt instinctively that rather than treating my problems in an isolated manner, I needed a holistic approach. Since Hilary had also successfully treated my mum and my husband, I felt I should turn to her. 
I cannot express how grateful I am to Hilary as now I feel so much happier and healthier. Her kind, strong manner and thoughtful approach were truly reassuring. I am now more at peace with myself. I feel like I have turned a corner, and what comforts me most is that I know homeopathy is there for me should I need it again!
One interesting side effect of the treatment, and a result I presume of getting back into balance, was what happened to a wart which had developed on my face and was growing bigger. In addition to being a physical problem (the doctor indicated it would only get bigger and darker if not removed) it was also something that fed into old feelings of ugliness and lack of self worth and so contributed to my sadness. As my treatment progressed it began to shrink and has now completely disappeared! Needless to say I feel great! Imagine the surprise of the hospital when I contacted them to cancel my appointment! 

Ray & Olivia
11 years ago our 2 year old son had chronic constipation, which started when he he was just 6 months old. He had been given a variety of medicines but nothing helped. It was very painful for us to see him crying and suffering. The doctors then suggested an operation to stretch his rectum and at this point we consulted Hilary. After a detailed consultation he was given one tablet of Calcarea carbonica 200 and instructions to repeat as needed. He was cured within a month, and we cancelled the operation. Our two younger children have never needed antibiotics or calpol - we have learnt how to treat them, and ourselves, for common ailments and we still visit Hilary from time to time for ‘constitutional treatment’. Having been sceptical in the beginning we are now strong advocates of homeopathy. 

Mrs J Jones
My son was having horrific nightmares and it would take me 2 hours to settle him each night. The remedy you prescribed was nothing short of a miracle: that night he went to bed with no problems and had his first decent sleep in weeks. No words can express my thanks for helping my little boy. He later caught gastro-enteritis on holiday which left him quite debilitated and the remedies have significantly helped him and I am now a true convert. I must also thank you for helping me through one of the worst times in my life: the death of my baby girl. Through your treatment you helped me become less stressed and anxious and all without resorting to conventional drugs. You continue to help me; now I am pregnant again your remedies have helped the nerve pain in my back and my extreme tiredness. Thank you again. 

I went to see Hilary as I was suffering from insomnia, PMT & constant water infections. All of these things were affecting everything in my life & I was feeling very low. At first I was quiet sceptical about the treatment. I thought how are these little white things going to do anything, but I couldn't have been more wrong!! Within three days my sleeping patterns were back to normal, the PMT has gone a lot better & I haven't had any water infections since taking the remedies. Hilary has totally turned my life around. I feel a much stronger & confident person & feel I can deal with things a lot better now.

I feel better than I have for a long time, as though I have woken up from a long sleep. I have the utmost faith in Hilary. Hilary is also a lovely person who is totally approachable and caring. The consultation was conducted in a peaceful and calm atmosphere. I would not hesistate to consult Hilary in the future.

Mrs O'Rourke
I am writing on behalf of my son, who is 22. What a time my son has been through! As you were aware when you first met him back in February, his skin was that bad, his arms neck and body were so sore and split; also seeping constantly and no sleep. He had given up with the doctors so I phoned you for an appointment, and within 4 weeks of seeing you I had my son back.  The cream you gave him RENEW took away the itching and made him feel cooler and moisturised.   Again I cannot thank you enough. I wish we had taken photos as it's hard to believe the vast improvement in such a short time.

I suffered with adult acne for 5 years and had just about tried every lotion and potion you could imagine and I was not getting anywhere. Within a 6 month period my acne had disappeared and my confidence soared. I also suffer with sporadic sciatica and have done so for as long as I can remember. I had been prescribed strong painkillers which had awful side effects and as a result I would hold off taking them and putting up with the excruciating pain, but thanks to Hilary my "magic tablets" take effect within 15 minutes and I can feel the pain drain out of my body. It has totally transformed my life. I now turn to Hilary before consulting my GP or rushing to the pharmacy.

I had been using homeopathic remedies since 1992 and had full faith in them. I first visited Hilary Hampel when my son was about 7 months old and he had developed a very bad virus with chest and ear infection. He was normally an inquisitive, adventurous and extremely pleasant child but the virus really 'knocked him for six' and he was lethargic, cranky and slept constantly. We visited the GP who prescribed penicillin, however, this made Finn's symptoms worse. I became more concerned and I returned to the GP who advised me to continue with the penicillin. Unconvinced that this was the right course of action I contacted Hilary who saw us immediately.  She was very patient with Finn and extremely observant, and fantastically empathic with my husband and I. She administered a remedy to Finn and on the car journey home Finn began to settle and then continued to improve. Within two days, and much to our relief, Finn was back to his normal chirpy and curious self. 

I was advised by my GP that pre-cancerous cells had been detected in a routine smear test. I had a 'letz' procedure carried out by an excellent gynaecologist but at my subsequent check-up with him, he thought that the abnormal cells may have returned. He wanted to wait to see if it was merely the cells healing before he planned any more procedures. After using homeopathic remedies before, I felt that this condition could be improved with homeopathy and this was the first time I visited Hilary Hampel who administered a remedy to me. When I returned to the gynaecologist he was pleased to tell me that the cells had now returned to normal.

During my consultation with Hilary and with her excellent questioning and listening skills it came to light that I was carrying a lot of grief after the bereavement of my stillborn daughter. I had gone through my normal process of grieving but had become 'stuck' at a certain point and was carrying a huge amount of sadness around with me. I felt that I needed another appointment with Hilary as we felt it was something she could help me with. At this consultation I became very upset discussing my feelings but as Hilary listened to my story I felt very unhurried, supported and reassured that everything would be OK. She offered me a remedy which made me feel immediately brighter and lighter and continued to have a healing effect on me. I am very grateful to Hilary for all her help, and will continue to be so forever. 

My sinusitis couldn't have been any worse. After courses of antibiotics year in year out and the recommendation from a consultant that I simply resign my self to sniffing Flixonase (a steroid) twice daily for the rest of my life I decided to see Hilary for homeopathic treatment over two years ago. In that time the condition has come under control thanks to the consultations with Hilary and the doses of Phosphorus which I take when I recognise the signs of sinus trouble. Since seeing Hilary I haven't needed to see a GP - obviously no antibiotics either. But the homeopathy is doing much more. It didn't take long for Hilary to see that I was suffering from bereavement. It was a huge relief to have this recognised; to have it treated was, for me, miraculous. I have also had help making my periods more manageable and cures to make me sleep better. The holistic nature of homeopathy has helped me find a level of health and happiness I hadn't believed possible. 

My treatment with Hilary has been exceptional. Homeopathy has helped me both inside and out, I’ve felt better in myself and it has helped with a variety of complaints including menopause, poor sleep, and my mobility has also improved. Hilary has also given me helpful advice about diet and put me on the right road to eating sensibly. She is inspirational, and seeing her is also like seeing a counsellor as well - she listens to what I have to say and is sympathetic to my feelings. She has also advised me regarding family matters which has helped me greatly. I also feel more confident since my treatment.

Justine and Max
I first visited Hilary shortly after the birth of my first child following a period of panic and anxiety attacks, exhaustion and depression. I had never considered alternative therapies before but was hesitant going to my doctor as I knew he would simply prescribe anti-depressants, a route I did not want to take.

Hilary’s approach to my illness was one of sympathy and positivity which helped a great deal as I was feeling so low and negative about the possibility of ever feeling 'me' again within the near future. The first remedy she prescribed immediately made me feel much calmer and helped greatly when anxiety struck and the other helped settle my hormones over a period of time. I soon gained strength again and was definitely converted to the homeopathic approach to recovery rather than the conventional method. When I first became ill I never thought that I would ever have the courage to become pregnant again but here I am 3 years down the line, five months pregnant and feeling wonderful! Hilary has treated me for morning sickness and tiredness in the first few months and the remedy was nothing short of a miracle! Who knows what the futures holds for me once the new baby arrives and perhaps I will develop some of the same symptoms as before but at least I now know who to go to and Hilary will be my definite first port of call and I am safe in the knowledge that she will help me and do her best for me as she has done in the past.

As a result of my recovery through Homeopathy I began to take my son to visit Hilary and can positively say that he has hardly ever visited the doctor with ill health. My first port of call is always Hilary. She has successfully treated his eczema and even suggested I take him for a food intolerance test. The results following exclusion of certain foods along with his remedies were incredible. She has also treated his shyness, separation anxiety, sleep problems and even whinging and whining with amazing results. I can definitely say that I will be taking my new baby to see Hilary from day one without hesitation.

My interest in the miracle of Homeopathy grows daily when I see the positive results it has on peoples lives and well-being and as a result of attending a workshop led by Hilary on self-prescribing I have even positively treated members of my family and close friends myself. I cannot praise Hilary and her profession enough.

At the time of my first consultation I was suffering severely with panic attacks, which seemed stress-related. I was prescribed remedies by Hilary which slowly diminished the attacks until now when I no longer have any panic attacks. At the onset I could not attend business meetings without getting panic attacks, which resulted in my having to take on a contracts manager to attend meetings on my behalf. I no longer have attacks of any nature and can face up to any type of commitment. 

I first went to see Hilary to see if she could do something for my allergy to dog and horse hair. I was at first sceptical as I had tried many things from the doctor and they hadn't helped. I was using a nasal spray, inhaler and eye drops and still suffered with sneezing and red watering eyes. The tiny tablets Hilary gave me didn’t seem to work at first but after about a month of taking them my "dog hair" allergy had cleared up. I can now go see my best friend who has a dog. Usually I would have to go with an inhaler and tissues, but need neither now. About two months later my horse hair allergy had improved too. This means I can now go riding and help out at the stables without worrying about dust getting to me and making me sneeze and my eyes water.

I consulted Hilary after suffering for about 4 months with blocked sinuses. I had used many of the preparations on the market but I found that, though they gave me immediate relief, the problem persisted. I met a friend who I knew had been suffering with various health problems and I was surprised at how well she looked and she told me she had been treated by Hilary. I decided to consult Hilary myself. Within half an hour of taking the remedy I felt a change in myself, for the first time in months I could smell and my sinuses felt clear. I also have suffered problems with my bones and Hilary gave me a remedy for them, and as well as feeling stronger I also have grown beautiful strong nails!

I feel better than I have for a long time, as though I have woken up from a long sleep. I have the utmost faith in Hilary as a homeopath. Hilary is also a lovely person who is totally approachable and caring. The consultation was conducted in a peaceful and calm atmosphere. I would not hesitate to consult Hilary with any health problems in the future.

I first visited Hilary in 2000, a month before I was due to get married. I had suffered for several years with varying degrees of stomach troubles which had progressively got worse culminating in excruciating stomach cramps and acid reflux after eating, weight loss and extreme tiredness along with many other symptoms which, after visiting and being treated by Hilary, I realised were all linked. Prior to visiting Hilary I had undergone all manner of investigations - all thankfully did not find anything nasty, but didn't help me in my cause to become well again. 

When I first visited Hilary she took a very detailed case and prescribed 2 remedies - the first I took a dose of whilst I was there. The remedy began to work immediately, and I felt even more tired and dazed than ever before but knew something was happening and just had a really good feeling that I was going to get better. We had an excellent wedding day and close friends commented how much better I looked, and I did feel much better than I had done in ages.

As my treatment progressed I began to improve but I decided to take a break from the contraceptive pill, as Hilary explained that it could be the one thing which was preventing the remedies from working fully. Once stopping the pill I did feel much better but my periods were absent for almost 12 months, however Hilary successfully treated me for this. When I first visited Hilary I admit I was a little sceptical, however from the first visit I became more and more intrigued about Homeopathy and I hope to study it in the future. Homeopathy is the first treatment I use, whether I self prescribe, or if I am a little unsure I will contact the helpline, and visiting Hilary for 'constitutional treatment' for myself and my 20 month old daughter.

My niece was taking her driving test having failed it first time, and was now very anxious about taking it again. After you gave her Gelsemium, this calmed her nerves and yes she passed her test!! My daughter is taking her GCSE's at the moment and after a very anxious night when she could not get to sleep due to her anxiety of taking her first exam again you gave her Gelsemium and Silica, last night she had a brilliant nights sleep and felt calm taking her exam. Thank you so much for helping us twice in two anxious situations.

When I first consulted Hilary I had a myriad of medical problems. Recurring chest colds, bronchitis, skin allergies and a pre cancerous skin condition on my arms and head. The combination of Hilary's recommended homeopathic treatments and Melaleuca skin products have cleared most of the symptoms.I can only thank her for the help and sympathetic treatment.

I have been wanting to say a big Thank You as the homeopathy remedies for childbirth helped amazingly, and without these I don’t think I would have had the natural birth that I did. I started in labour around 4 am although I wasn’t sure if I was actually in labour. I spent the day sipping water with Rescue Remedy and taking some remedies from the childbirth kit. At about 2pm I used a tens machine as well. This carried on until 9.00 pm at which point I arrived at hospital as my contractions were around 3 minutes apart and becoming slightly unbearable with the pain relief I was using. 

The midwife couldn’t believe that I was already 7cm dilated and I was taken to the delivery suite straight away. My husband and I had decided on a water birth and so I got in the pool and carried on using the remedies, with some additional help of gas and air. I went into the second stage of labour just after midnight, and after an hour and a half of pushing I was exhausted, unable to push and my contractions were weakening, so the midwife made me stop using the gas and air. At this point, unable to carry on, I asked my partner to look for a remedy for exhaustion. He looked in the book, found helplessness, which he thought was near enough. 

I could not believe the feeling and sense of change that I had when I took the remedy. I became totally focused again, with a real energy and minutes later William was born. The midwife couldn’t believe how quickly the remedy worked and later on told me that when homeopathic remedies are used alongside the birthing pool, women have much quicker and stress free labours. 

I have been receiving homeopathy treatment from Hilary over a number of years for different health issues. I had been suffering with recurring UTI’s for ten years which homeopathy managed to cure.  I have found the homeopathic and Hilary’s approach to be both a gentle yet intelligent way to deal with the physical, mental and emotional well-being. . This approach has altered the way I view the mind, body and emotions and has given me great support through some very turbulent times in my life. 

Thank you so much for treating my kidney infection. I am feeling much better and only take the pills for my kidney's occasionally. I would also like to thank you for introducing me to Melaleuca Products. I love the cleaning products, free from harmful substances. All in all I am feeling 100% better.

I have suffered from hay fever since a child and over the years tried lots of different medications. Some didn’t do any think at all and others made me drowsy. When I eventually found one that suited it was a case of taking it daily often more than once.
Taking medication over a long period of time did bother me so I sought an alternative in homeopathic medicine. I spoke of my symptoms in order of severity and was given Euphrasia to take hourly as needed. A miracle, symptoms now clear very quickly. Sometimes I can go a week without taking any medication. It is a relief to find something that works and most of all knowing it is all natural.

When Gracie was born her skin appeared alright but after a few weeks dry patches appeared. As the months went by her skin worsened and the patches became red and angry. It deteriorated and became hard to manage because she was kept awake at night by the constant itching and scratching. It then began to weep and spread to her neck, behind her knees, her stomach and arms. The doctors wanted me to use steroid cream but I was totally against going down that road. I had been told about homeopathy and started researching about the benefits of it on the internet. I thought it might be an expensive route to follow but was pleasantly surprised at how little it ended up costing. 

After only 3 visits Gracie’s eczema started to disappear. She has never looked back - the eczema has never returned. I advise anyone looking for help to go down the Homeopathy route. It’s changed our lives and Gracie’s. Thanks Hilary! 

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